The solution to UK politics

The following is a list of possible changes that in my humble opinion would massively improve UK politics. 

1/ No politician is allowed to talk about other political parties or politicians from this country.
At a stroke this would stop the endemic practice of merely blaming the other side. We all know the problems, who caused them is irrelevant, what are you going to do to fix them is all that matters. 

2/ Pay politicians very well but in terms of the median national wage.
Being a politician should be a job everyone wants. Alas this means it should pay very well let us say £250,000/year in office. (The magnitude of the pay increase is due to rules 3, 4 and 5.) However MPs should not be getting a pay rise whilst everyone else struggles due to their policies. Tying their pay to some multiple of the average wage solves this.

3/ No expenses or other random bonuses.
Their pay should be their pay. Any system that gives money away will be abused or "gamed" by those wise enough to do so. Let them buy, rent and travel from their own money as other non-politicians do. Basically what they want they buy.  

4/ Being in the top 1% of wealth blocks you from being an MP.
The vastly rich have numerous ways to have their opinions heard and power felt they do not need political power as well. There is simply no way someone from such an extreme position can represent the majority. This rule combined with 2 limits you to one term which has the advantage of stopping people becoming career politicians. 

5/ Being a politician blocks you from any future position in a sector you have influence over as a politician.
Currently many MPs bend over the country for private interests then accept their reward when they leave office. This delayed bribery is present thorough out politics. If you want to work in a specific sector later fine but you don't get to set its rules.

6/ You only get to use approved statistics or get personally fined.
We already have an office for national statistics that checks what politicians say. However that doesn't stop them making them up and the correction being pretty much ignored. We should fine individual politicians who use unapproved statistics (of course they are welcome to request statistics to use). We should also extend this office and rule to cover what the scientific consensus actually states. 

7/ Cap donations to individuals and parties.
Whether they are from unions or off-shore tax dodgers is irrelevant people donate to people who are doing things to serve their interests. Without caps politics becomes a simple game of trying to make policy to please your paymasters. 

8/ No whipping unless it's by your electorate.
It is a joke that politicians elected to serve their local community can go into office and effectively wash their hands of any responsibility by just following the party line like well dressed sheep. If you get paid to represent people bloody well represent them.

9/ Use technology to ask the people.
Politicians should use whatever technology they can to better represent their electorate and be better informed. If they do not know how their electorate feel, which is fine to admit, ask them on social media, online polls, etc. If any politician can prove that they are acting as their electorate appeared to wish they are a good politician no matter what their crazy plebs demanded.

10/ Any policy that is proposed must have its success and failure criteria announced before commencement.
This will prevent ideological notions being forced onto the population then being justified by whatever carefully selected statistics you request.

11/ Show your working out ie Be transparent.
This doesn't mean release the things you like it means release absolutely everything possible. Televise your policy forming group discussions, hold disciplinary meetings in public. Basically, show all the evidence you used to form your opinions and ideas. If something genuinely needs to be censored say why and it better be for a bloody good reason. 

12/ Do not mention science.
Sorry but politicians simply can't be trusted with science. All sides are incapable of fully understanding it and constantly abuse, misrepresent and attack the scientific consensus. Politicians do not stand for science, scientists do that.