Twitter rules

The following is a list of 15 things I learnt from twitter in a mere 3 days:

1/ Anyone who is scared by a malacious tweet is just pretending.

2/ Threatening comments can just be harmless banter even if they cause harm and you don't know the recipient.

3/ All world problems could be solved by trivial on-line action such as following someone.

4/ All technology is inherently evil and from inception onwards demands an on-line petition against it.

5/ All scientists from student level onwards can talk as the voice of science on any field.

6/ You can both loudly appeal for tolerance and be highly intolerant without any issues whatsoever.

7/ The only minority rights of importance are those of the minority that you belong to. The others are part of the evil majority.

8/ No matter how offensive any language is it is acceptable if it is aimed at the mainstream.

9/ On any issue only two diametrically opposed opinions are valid.

10/ Moderates are merely sneaky extremists from the other side who need vocal damning.

11/ Everyone is a shill even if unpaid or unconnected to the debated issue.

12/ Quantum Mechanics explains everything, if atomic physicists say otherwise it is because they do not understand it.

13/ TV pundits and paper journalists who don't really use twitter understand twitter culture, it's problems and know all the solutions.

14/ If something offensive is sent to you immediately highlight it in public as all trolls hate their awful work being displayed.

15/ If it can't be expressed in capitals in half a tweet it is not a grown up opinion.