Divergent hate

I occasionally get accused of unfair focusing of my hatred on one company. However in actual fact I am fairly equal in my hatred as the lists below detail.

I hate MS for:

  1. their default development policy of "no, go away".
  2. the fact that they made a closed source OS and proprietary formats acceptable for desktop computers.
  3. the fact that in 2012 they still can't do trivial updates without rebooting.
  4. the fact they implement forward or backward compatability using the insight of a dope smoking conspiracy nut.
  5. for their ability to deny any progress that others made mere moments before claiming they done it first.
  6. their concerted effort to personally fragment their own OS into rapidly released degenerate versions solely to squeeze an extra dollar out of loyal customers. 

I hate Apple for:

  1. their walled garden mentality.
  2. their active promotion of the fundamental technological befundleness of their most vocal users.
  3. their seemingly endless legal battles to screw over any smaller competitors and block all human progress.
  4. their screaming fanfare when they "invent" something I have already been using for months.
  5. spending literally decades moaning (rightly) about other software companies not suppporting other OSes then locking their own software to Apple.
  6. (worst by some margin) their legions of very committed fans who are about as open to criticism of their cult as most scientologists. 

I hate Google for:

  1. their endless faux betas.
  2. their totally lazy and shite bug response to products that eventually somehow escape their beta's event horizon.
  3. their utter disregard and seeming contempt for users/developers when they discontinue or change products/APIs.
  4. the fact their products are always delayed and never ever quite as featured as they should be at every release (especially if they promise otherwise).
  5. the fact they are so damn meek to 3rd party phone makers and service providers idiotic demands about bloatware or branding.
  6. their song and dance of protecting privacy whilst actively blocking pro privacy tools.

I hate Facebook for:

  1. their balls out commericalism.
  2. not even bothering to be sneaky about serving of user data to the US security agencies.
  3. their fascism about styling that makes everything look like a damn pop up.
  4. their imperialist and condesending attempt to embed all content from other websites and rate it.
  5. their pretend inability to make settings intuitive so they can avoid having to do permissions and sharing properly.
  6. their white on blue style which is so horribly clinical and cold it might as well be called facebookotic.
  7. their users inablity to distinguish even the most illogical and obvious hoaxes from actually concerning privacy issues. 

I hate Twitter for:

  1. their inability to sort out trivial spam (the type everyone else filtered out ~2000).
  2. their improved but still deeply and concertedly stupid algorithms for calculating trends.
  3. the almost immediate selling out of anyone with over 100k followers.
  4. the sheer wall of gelaber relating to Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and other talentless celebrities that they help perpetuate.
  5. their drive to wreck the elegant usablity of a decent social network solely to gain a few dollars from advertising as it collapses.
  6. Promoted brands/tweets (google "Bill Hicks Marketting for an elegant explanation").

I do not hate the smaller networks such as Pinterest, 4square or other new "start ups" but they can all collectively sod off and come back when they work in the way they should.

Of course there are many aspects of the companies above I like but I can not be bothered listing these. In any case if you are after why company X is great there are always the offical webpages and numerous daft fanboy sites that google will "helpfully" provide for you.