I love Gaga

Probably the best thing about Lady Gaga is that she somehow limits the flamboyant flaunting of her personal shocking style to selected very highly publicized appearances in high media-coverage venues. Almost as if a clearly benevolent force somehow shaped and controlled her media showcasing and entire public existence. Perhaps with the noble aim of keeping her shocking to a certain easily shocked demographic whilst fully embracing of the structures and ideals relating to another demographic.

The latter demographic may happen to be the majority music buyers and may also be naturally drawn to those icons that "shock" the former demographic. A bit like the marketing version of going out with the guy your dad dislikes. With the slight difference your dad would be disliking the guy not because he was dangerous but because he was pretending to be. But only a callus cynic would see the two as connected and they would have to be spiteful to comment that this behaviour has become quite profitable, predictable and boring.

Gaga's kooky style may be designed and manufactured by others but with true religious devotion few fans would doubt it really is her style. Of course with a free and bright spirit of such awesome magnitude as her it is crucial to control the public exposure. Her natural spirit and ability being so raw she needs quite a few folk that are highly skilled in manipulation otherwise known as marketing. However clearly they only refine the rawness to display it in a pleasantly digestible and targeted way. They are obviously irrelevant in the scheme of things. These staffers include a whole choir of background music folk, a cabinet of style consultants, gyms of personal trainers and stifling boardrooms of PR consultants using poetic phrases like focus-group approved or scalable business venture.

I love Gaga, she really is a great example of our brave new world. But don't worry about that just watch the news and be amazed by the meat dress and the (beautifully lighted and artfully composed) chance passing snapshot of it.